How To Find Happiness In Reading With 3 Easy Ways

Reading is one of the most captivating experiences you can ever come across. If you form the habit of reading, there’s no going back. Books, blogs, articles and every other piece of information available in written form helps you transmute into a much wiser and happier person. 

Here’s How To Do So Effectively…

#1 Read What Fascinates You. Not What Others Are Reading

When I first thought of reading books in my teenage, I did not know what to read. So I did what everybody does. I looked it up on the internet. I was surprised to see how many books were being recommended all over the internet. Well, I picked up a few famous ones that were apparently loved by all. Guess what? I didn’t like any of those. 

The fact that I hated the books everybody was loving, made me feel that I hate reading altogether. I believed reading is not for me. This is what happens to us in life. When we see ourselves not following a certain trend, we doubt ourselves. Even think maybe we’re incompetent. It’s a huge mistake. 

It is okay to have a different taste. I learned this when I found my favourite genre of books. Once I dug deep, I found there are multifarious categories of books. I soon started searching for the best books in the self-help category and bought a few recommended ones. I did not even know about this genre back then. Accidentally, I found my happiness in reading these books.

So if you have a friend who tells you you’re dumb because maybe you don’t like the classics, ignore them. Maybe you love reading about technology. Maybe you don’t like reading books altogether. If you love reading blogs on your smartphone instead, do it. 

#2 Socialise With Books. Yes, You Can Do That.

Books are wonderful companions. Even when you are alone, you can socialise with a book. Think of it as reading texts on your smartphone when chatting with someone. You read the texts, right? Similarly, when we read the pages of a book, we are actually socialising with the author. That’s one of the greatest ways to socialise. I love to think it like:

“Books are the only non-living things that are alive.”

Authors are amazing storytellers. Even if you read a self-help book, there are multiple real-life incidences narrated. Those stories can make books come alive. I even write an email to the author if I really appreciate the book. Or maybe send out a tweet. Try doing this. You will receive amazing replies at times.

#3 Create A Reading List. (Obvious Yet Essential)

Once, you start reading enough, you may want to keep track of everything you read. Usually, every reader has a reading checklist a.k.a To-Read List. Add as many books as you want in this list. Organise the books on the basis of categories (Cuz this monster gets too cluttered when it grows). Keep ticking off the books you finish from the list. This will make you feel productive (Dopamine Rush)

Ever had a productive day? Remember how proud and fulfilled you feel? That’s exactly how you feel after you finish a book. You can feel that frequently with the help of this list. Creating a reading list is an organised activity (Also, it’s fun).

You may even want to create your personal library at home (But that’s for later). A reading list can be either in physical form or even a digital list. Goodreads is a great platform to create such lists. It also offers social communities and the ability to review books. If you want to keep things private, create a list on your note-taking app. The idea is to have a list that keeps you going. I used to keep my list on Trello (Task Management App). Here’s an example:

Once, you start checking off books from the list, you’ll see what it feels to be happy and fulfilled at the same time. 

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Clifford Lawrence
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